Christmas Archive Selection Box

This Christmas will be a very different one for many of us. The natural impulse to come together for convivial celebration will have to be resisted in the interests of public health. Perhaps this will be a more reflective occasion than usual and many will feel the pang of separation from loved ones. In the middle of difficult episodes like this one, it can be helpful to take the long view; to look at Christmases gone by and see how people have experienced them in different ways. Herefordshire's archives encapsulate this varied history and show how the season has seen poverty, fear and mean spiritedness alongside the joy, the hope, and the fellowship.

Our selection of yuletide documents spans the centuries and illustrates the importance of Christmas for family and community, demonstrating the range of responses from charity to indifference. We are all part of the ebb and flow of this history and we can feel solidarity with those who went before us, sharing their hope for better times ahead.

Each image or set of images has accompanying explanations. Some are grouped together in the form of a digital book - you just need to turn the pages by clicking on the right hand side.

Have a happy Christmas.