1888 Corn Exchange: Swiss Market (No. 1)

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1888 Corn Exchange: Swiss Market (No. 1)

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Image Details

Title 1888 Corn Exchange: Swiss Market (No. 1)
Description Black and white photograph showing a "Swiss" themed event inside a building.


This photograph is featured in "The Book of Ross-on-Wye" by Martin H. Morris (published 1980). It appears on page 60 with the caption:

"A Swiss Bazaar at Ross Congregational Church c. 1890 (Photos from County Library, given by Miss. E. Kendall Pearson of Gloucester)".
Photographer / artist Unknown
Publisher Unknown
Contributor(s) Unknown
Date 1888
Type Image
Format Photograph
Identifier Li11185
Area Ross-on-Wye
Collection Holder Herefordshire Libraries