1888 Corn Exchange: Swiss Market (No. 2)

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1888 Corn Exchange: Swiss Market (No. 2)

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Image Details

Title 1888 Corn Exchange: Swiss Market (No. 2)
Description Black and white photograph showing a "Swiss" themed event inside a building.


This photograph is featured in "The Book of Ross-on-Wye" by Martin Morris (published 1980) with the caption
"A Swiss Bazaar at Ross Congregational Church c. 1890 (Photos from County Library, given by Miss. E. Kendall Pearson of Gloucester)".

When examining the photograph there are certain points that cast doubt on the scene being inside Ross Congregational Church.

A detailed description of the interior of the church is given in a report that appeared in the Ross Gazette when it was opened in 1868 (Ross Gazette, July 23, 1868 p.4)

"The floors are boarded..."
The floor in this photograph is not boarded

"The body of the edifice is divided into aisles and nave by ornamental iron pillars, which support the galleries.....The galleries are very commodious and are fronted with open geometrical iron work."
There are no pilliars or gallery evident in the photograph.

There is a definate "Swiss" theme with ladies dressed in traditional costume arranging displays in front of constructed Alpine chalets and evergreen tree branches.
Photographer / artist Unknown
Publisher Unknown
Contributor(s) Unknown
Date c1890
Type Image
Format Photograph
Identifier Li11186
Area Ross-on-Wye
Collection Holder Herefordshire Libraries