Abbatial Blessing of Abbot Robert Richardson

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Abbatial Blessing of Abbot Robert Richardson

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Image Details

Title An Abbatial Blessing, Belmont Abbey
Description An Abbatial Blessing at Belmont Abbey of Abbot Robert Richardson in 1967; he was the Abbot who succeeded Abbot Martin. It is Lent because the cross is covered. Officiating is Archbishop John Murphy, of Cardiff. The sub-deacon with glasses is Father Christopher Jenkins of Belmont. He later became head of the school at Belmont. Unfortunately, Abbot Robert died of cancer just three or four years later. He was the Abbot at Belmont when the present Abbot, Paul, first joined.
Photographer / artist Derek Evans
Publisher Derek Evans Studio
Date Undated
Type Image
Format Photograph
Identifier CJ42-5-25-61
Area Unknown
Collection Holder