Donovan Wilson collection

Thanks to the hard working staff and volunteers at Herefordshire Archive and Record Centre (HARC) we have been able to add some wonderful aerial photographs of Herefordshire taken by Donovan Wilson.

Donovan Wilson ran a photography business in Commercial Street, with the photos dating between 1950s and 1970s. The equipment he used for the aerial shots of Herefordshire was a heavy RAF camera using 7 inch roll film, which could capture distant images with a remarkable degree of clarity. There are over 3,500 photographic negatives in the collection, which was donated to us by the family and many have been scanned by HARC volunteers over several months.

Individuals are permitted to use, download, transmit, or print images for private, research, or educational purposes, but not for any commercial purpose without further permission from Herefordshire History and/or the original copyright holder/s. For reproduction queries please use our contact form.