Livestock Market, Leominster, 1983

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Livestock Market, Leominster, 1983

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Image Details

Title Livestock Market, Leominster, 1983
Description Black and white photograph of inside the old livestock market in Leominster before it was demolished, 1983. A selection of Hereford cattle are up for auction.

Farmers identified in this image:
John Thomas (Eye)
Mike Watkins (Eye)
David Morgan (Almerley - The Bridge)
Graham Morgan (Almerley - The Bridge)
Robert Eckley (Bromyard)
Jim Gough (Rochford)
Gerald Harris (Hereford)
John Reece (Lucton)
Graham Rees (Dilwyn)
Bill Hyde (Little Hereford)
John Bayliss (Pudleston - The Batches)
Arthur Bayliss (Pudleston - The Batches)
Alan Rogers (Leominster - Cornhill)
George Davies (Leysters - The Heath)
Stan Maund (Pudleston - Whyle)
Owen Owens (Pudleston)
Alfred Rogers (Lucton)
Bill Preece (Weobley)
Dick Owens (Pembridge)
Phillip Thomas (Pembridge)
Bob Jenkins (Cholestry)
Jack Rollins (Middleton on the Hill)
David Maund (Pudleston - Whyle)
Bill Davies (Pencombe)
Fred Apperly (Orlton)
Tony Davies (Pencombe)
Bing Davies (Pencombe)
Paul Rogers (Lucton)
Stewart Hinton (Stoke Prior)
Phillip Reynolds (Middleton on the Hill)

Many thanks to Allan Williams for his help in naming the farmers in this photograph
Photographer / artist Unknown
Publisher Unknown
Date 1983
Type Image
Format Photograph
Identifier Li11404
Area Leominster
Collection Holder Herefordshire Libraries