Life under lockdown

Have you been taking photos of your life under lockdown? Have you been sharing photos of the Clap for Carers, your latest dance moves, making supplies for the NHS or doing more family activities at home? Perhaps you have found some things hard to adjust to, such as having to work longer hours, difficulty shopping and having to find different ways to connect with family and friends.

Please send us your photographs so we can document this momentous time in our history. There is no one better to tell the stories than those who live here and are living through all the consequences, good and bad, that it brings.

We are creating a collection of photos which will be kept for posterity on, and in the years to come we can look back on these to see how life changed – maybe forever.

We are looking forward to seeing your pictures of your daily life under lockdown, and how it became normal for pubs, shops and restaurants to be closed, and to have social distancing stickers on supermarket floors and cleaning stations in shops.

To submit photos to this archive please use our contribute form or tag the with #lifeunderlockdownHT on social media.

Life under Lockdown is a joint project between Herefordshire Council and the Hereford Times to capture how the coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown has affected everyday life in the county, how unfamiliar routines have replaced the familiar, and how working life and the disruption it brings has moved into the home.

Individuals are permitted to use, download, transmit, or print images for private, research, or educational purposes, but not for any commercial purpose without further permission from Herefordshire History and/or the original copyright holder/s. For reproduction queries please use our contact form.