Frost Chemist, Monmouth (1912)

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Frost Chemist, Monmouth (1912)

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Image Details

Title 1912: John Frost, Agricultural Chemist (Monmouth)
Description Black and white photograph showing a shop front with a sign above saying "FROST CHEMIST". A row of apothecary jars can be seen in the window and on the ground several stoneware jars are lined-up along the front of the shop. On the right is a partly obscured sign that probably reads "NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE / Medicines & Appliances / ALL FREE / At this Old Government Established Shop".

John Frost was an agricultural chemist who advertised his products "LAMBLIN" drench and "LAMTABS" tablets regularly in the Ross Gazette. He placed his first advert in September 1907 and the last in June 1922.
"LAMBLIN" was a drench treatment for tapeworm in sheep and calves. He was the sole manufacturer of the product and sold it by the gallon.
The presence of the apothecary jars and reference to medicines on the sign indicates he was also a pharmacist.
His shop was located in Church Street, Monmouth.

Regarding the sign referring to National Health Insurance, the National Insurance Act received Royal assent in December 1911. Therefore, this photograph dates from 1912 onwards.
Photographer / artist Unknown
Publisher Ross Gazette
Date unknown
Type Image
Format Photograph
Identifier RGE026
Area Monmouthshire
Collection Holder Ross Gazette Photograph Collection