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Cattle Market (1910)

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Image Details

Title Ross Cattle Market 1910: Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market, October 6 1910
Description Black and white photograph showing rows of wicker baskets filled with apples in front of a group of men and women participating in an auction. There is a man wearing a flower in his jacket lapel who could be the auctioneer.
In the accompanying article headed "ROSS WHOLESALE FRUIT AND VEGETABLE MARKET" the auctioneer is named as Mr. George B. Kemp. There was 500 lots of fruit, vegetables and trees and this was the third such sale to be held at the Cattle Market.
There is a face at the back which has been blanked out of the photograph.
Everyone is wearing headgear. The men are wearing caps, bowlers and boaters; the woman are wearing enormous "picture hats" decorated with flowers or feathers.
Buyers needed to be sure the produce was fresh. There is a woman on the right of centre who is holding what appears to be a half-eaten apple.
Photographer / artist E. Wilkins, Archenfield, Ross
Publisher Ross Gazette
Date October 6 1910 - page 3
Type Image
Format Photograph
Identifier RGE035
Area Ross-on-Wye
Collection Holder Ross Gazette Photograph Collection