View from Springfields (1905)

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View from Springfields (1905)

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Image Details

Title 1905 Ross-on-Wye from Springfields
Description Black and white photograph of Ross-on-Wye, from Springfields showing a view of the old Cattle Market.

Associated publication:

Local historian, Tim Ward, has used this view on the cover of his book "ROSS ON WYE REVISITED".
It is a colour-tinted version which gives a clearer picture of the area in the foreground. It shows that the man holding a spade is clearly not digging up a field but is actually tending his allotment.
He has dated the photograph as 1905.
Photographer / artist Unknown
Publisher Ross Gazette
Date unknown
Type Image
Format Photograph
Identifier RGE056
Area Ross-on-Wye
Collection Holder Ross Gazette Photograph Collection