ROF Rotherwas munitions workers, 1947

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ROF Rotherwas munitions workers, 1947

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Image Details

Title ROF Rotherwas munitions workers, 1947
Description Black and white photograph of ROF Rotherwas munitions workers, 1947.
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Mary Tong
Eunice Annie Haines (marr. Mann)
Betty Hicks
Kathleen Mary Jones
Roma Jones
Daisy Dawe
Doreen Ivy Howells
Nellie Powell
Mrs Edna May Gwinnett
Mr Cecil Gethen (with moustache)
Edith Mary Randles (née Griffiths)
Gladys Christopher
Edith Elizabeth Morris
Dorothy Violet Morris (née Philips)
Clohilda Dickenson
Kitty Williams

Photograph courtesy of Di Gilbert
Photographer / artist Unknown
Publisher Unknown
Date 1947
Type Image
Format Photograph
Identifier ROF003
Area Herefordshire
Collection Holder Private collection