Derek Evans obituary - Royal Photographic Society

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Derek Evans obituary - Royal Photographic Society

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Title Derek Evans obituary - Royal Photographic Society
Description Derek Evans obituary - Royal Photographic Society
Photographer / artist Unknown
Publisher Royal Photographic Society
Contributor(s) Keith James
Date Unknown
Type Manuscript
Format Magazine
Area Herefordshire
Collection Holder Private collection
Creator Royal Photographic Society
Subject Derek Evans obituary
Classification number
Language English
l'mclmuce m Hml‘md. workmg clueny far The
A Hen/find Cum and Bullm. Dcrck Evallx
FRI’S, who has died Aged 32, web fur nearly
hall .\ n. my pelhups me mm: Mddy mcoglllstd
rue: umoug locul journullsu
Born [be $0" of a WeNI miner. Ills childhood
pawun nu phumgmphy wzn mlcnumgw by lhn<e
who §aw hm (alcm In a camel of lhe darkened
plnjectlnn mom 3“ lbs Rllz all-lama. films and pril -
cullld bc ~afbl) dcvcloped under me luleluge of
mgnllm Roy slum 7 hiumlf .l km photographer,
In 1953, hemmed TllcNLllmml/ (inwmphu mam [0
cover (he Queen‘s Camuaum bang pmllloned up u
lamppusl in The Mall. He gamed :m an ' le
lvplflanon mmughoux Eumpe m the 1950:. bclng
pm ully wrll pllbllshcd In French plmm
magazincs and same of h pic|ure> are mluvcd ”I
The Eelglan Pholo Muscum m Antwerp
I.“ 1957, Dekk opcnrd hm finuludluxll Broad Slrecl
The vml'k was almml cnllmly for local. rcgmml and
nullonul newspAperav Fleet Sued mu m in mum. uud
mmm om flowed from T/w Duh alum I/w
Mirmn The TIME: and (Ilhfir dailiex now lou in lllnc
finch u The Dam Hamill and TN! SAM/l He Mm
prollfic m elucrlug phnmgmphit compellllons, and
pnnt» wnlve \Allh Gum um! 0|th llwurd~ fmln
rcglonal. nalional and lnlcmaliolul even“.
By |960, lndepcndunl Tclcvmon necded akllled
mlllcmlllell Hc pmdlaslxl u llllllm Suuuluul Alriflex
value” Alamul‘lumwzzomuvun «Lumen .u
Wm pmbably me um cxpcnmc pllolographlc uuu wld
m the county to uuu date The [Elev Hun uuuuu qulL'kly
recugnhed hlm as mar ‘slnngcr' camcmmall (m the
mu. and soon he w r “mg new» evellh .Icm\\ lhe
county uul pan: orWul ulm u dml).
lu was. u The Abe-1am DNJHCL me :Irlckell
commumly gmw lncrmxlngly hmllle l0 {he uuruuou
m' "1: pm For back, mm was n0 such problem.
thaps Ilka xwuu who Ven\: such other » fuelln‘N [he
mum uud mu cumcm can ying son on chh uum
:lmply gm un mm the“ work
Delek gmueu lm FRPS m 1966. gmng oulo b: a
qundlng mambcl 01 me RPS Phnlojolll uulum Gmupu
and later m- creamer uml [hen chmr
In 1971, Duck gavc hu mm: (on fire m Hereford
mum meull Club. muklug a pmlnuhunal film ulul co
helping in iu sumcsflu] demon no me football league,
A5 a young man, he Ind pluyucl {m smewmury Town
FC. um: lud u m long lnlcmsl In pen.
Derek: mum file~ luvs coveuge of Hemfold
Unwed for mm 50 yeun. includmg me mzmumblc
cncuulller helween me home mum and Ncwcmne
Lumen, wuh a nu: plclure ohm,- Run Rulruul goal
A, ‘4 kecn cnckclcn Derek played for many \cawm
ml Hclflord Cu) Spam Club. uud m 1963 uuul u
m a cnckel couch, ll nm wen u me gmx golf
lollmllmrlm puologmphiug for (he London agency
Cumem he». Lhen Derek was plflylng numcll. and
became Cupuuu ochleiurd Gnll’tlub m 1987
Dual um u number of bulb the \elevmon union
Am and lb: NU] H: servad as lrcafllrer. and Wm
chalr uf'he luau chapel m 11w NU] l'urovel 14 yams
In I968. m lh: age am. he was one of IWO Libenluo
be elcclcd m Herefold Cily Couml He bccznr emu of
Hereford Romy Club m 1971. and was elected leeml
clly cmlnclllnl on Hemfnrd Clly Cnlmcll \he um ycu
For more [hm so years. Derek‘s camcm recorded
lragedy and m‘umph, Cunfllcl and mn<|ruulinn from
Aberllln \(1 me great Cup mm of Hereford Ullllcd,
from tally mm c of The Walsh Nulouuliuu m the
bulldlng unhe um Severn Bridge Negmluumu (Ht m
hand no dtposll hl\ llICIIiVC wllh Hereford Cunnly
Recnrd’a orruc.
H: l) survlvcd by m wlf: hubcl uml um
daughlen, Luulu, Chmuuc uua Dlanuv Keith 1mm