Dancing girls Hereford May Fair

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Dancing girls Hereford May Fair

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Image Details

Title Glamour on Parade stall at night - Hereford May Fair
Description Billy Stevens’ ‘Glamour on Parade’ show in Commercial Road. Billy Stevens Jnr can be seen on the microphone, while his sister Tilly is the dancer on the left holding the placard. Their mother, Mrs Ada Stevens (daughter of Mrs Price) is standing behind the pay-box on the left of the stage. 1955.

“I'm a travelling showman and a member of the Showmen's Guild of Great Britain. I've been coming to Hereford May Fair for over 50 years. I started off in Commercial Road and now I'm in Broad Street. (In this picture it’s) Grandma Stevens in the pay box, my uncle spieling on the microphone, and my mother is the lady holding the sign. When I was young, about eight, ten- years-old, I used to bang the drum, which you can see on the post. My grandma used to let me bang the drum and pretend I was part of the act. But that's what show-people do. It's in our blood.” - John Lock.

(Additional historic information provided by Graham Downie, Chairman, The Fairground Association of Great Britain, Member of the National Fairground & Circus Advisory Committee, The University of Sheffield)
Photographer / artist Derek Evans
Publisher Derek Evans Studio
Date Undated
Type Image
Format Photograph
Identifier CJ42/5/9/25
Area Hereford
Collection Holder