The Market House (1904-1910)

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The Market House (1904-1910)

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Image Details

Title The Market House (Between 1904-1910)
Description Black and white postcard entitled "OLD MARKET HALL, ROSS"

The photgraph is overexposed making it dark and difficult to make out certain details. To the right of the second archway on the facing wall of the Market House under a notice board, is a pillar box. A small white square can be seen which is probably the collection times notice. It was originally positioned further out in the road until 1904 when it was moved to this spot.

Behind the Market House is a shop called "E. S. Sacret" which occupied 9, 10, 11 & 12 Market Place from late-1900 to mid-1910. From the advertisements which appeared in the Ross Gazette, the shop was described as an "Up-to-date" Draper and Furnisher.

This photograph therefore must have been taken sometime between 1904 and 1910.

High above the road on the right is a sign "Smith & Watson". This was an ironmongers shop at 39 High Street.
Photographer / artist Unknown
Publisher Ross Gazette
Date Between 1904 and 1910
Type Image
Format Postcard
Identifier RGE039
Area Ross-on-Wye
Collection Holder Ross Gazette Photograph Collection